Recommended Podcasts

Please note that I do not necessarily endorse everything these good folks preach. However, I respect them all tremendously; they’re good to listen to and have a lot of great things to say! — Jamie Cox, Pastor

You can find these by searching on iTunes.

  • Abundant Life Church (Bradford, Paul Scanlon)
  • Bethel Church ‘Sermon of the Week’ (Bill Johnson & Team)
  • Bidford Baptist Church Sermons
  • Elevation Church (Steven Furtick)
  • Gateway Church (Robert Morris)
  • Joyce Meyer TV Audio
  • (Craig Groeschel)
  • Mars Hill Church (Mark Driscoll)
  • National Community Church (Mark Batterson)
  • North Point Community Church (Andy Stanley)
  • (Best of) North Point Ministries (Andy Stanley)
  • Saddleback Church Weekend Messages (Rick Warren)
  • Trinity Cheltenham (Mark Bailey & Team)
  • Willow Creek Weekend Message (Bill Hybels & Team)
  • HTB Sunday Talks (Nicky Gumbel & Holy Trinity Brompton Team)
  • Living on the Edge (Chip Ingram)
  • Mosaic (Erwin McManus)
  • Timothy Keller Podcast
  • Walk in the Word (James MacDonald)


  • GodPod (HTB)
  • Let My People Think (Ravi Zacharias)
  • Reasonable Faith (William Lane Craig)


  • Tony Campolo


  • Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast
  • The Relationship Pod (HTB)
  • Plugged In Movie Reviews (From Focus on the Family)


  • Andy Stanley Leadership
  • Catalyst
  • Entre Leadership (Dave Ramsey)


  • Abundant Life Church Worship
  • All about Worship
  • Worship
  • Passion (Louie Giglio)
  • Worship Central