Jamie's Recommended Reading List for 2015

ALTAR EGO: Becoming Who God Says You Are - Craig Groeschel

You are NOT who you think you are. In fact, according to bestselling author Craig Groeschel in Altar Ego, you need to take your idea of your own identity, lay it down on the altar, and sacrifice it. Give it to God. Offer it up. Why? Because you are who God says you are. And until you've sacrificed your broken concept of your identity, you won't become who you are meant to be. When we place our false labels and self-deception on the altar of God's truth, we discover who we really are as his sons and daughters. Instead of an outward-driven, approval-based ego, we learn to live with an "altar" ego, God's vision of who we are becoming. Discover how to trade in your broken ego and unleash your altar ego to become a living sacrifice. Once we know our true identity and are growing in our Christ-like character, then we can behave accordingly, with bold behaviour, bold prayers, bold words, and bold obedience. Altar Ego reveals who God says you are, and then calls you to live up to it.

AND THE LAMB WINS: Why the End of the World is Really Good News – Simon Ponsonby

There is a growing collective interest in the end times. But with that interest comes a barrage of confusing and sometimes misleading ideas and messages. Simon Ponsonby takes an eye-opening look at what the future holds. Cutting through today's cultural commotion, he examines provocative topics including biblical indicators of the end times, Jesus Christ's return, the tribulation and rapture, the future of Israel, and the role of the Antichrist. As each event is examined through the lens of solid scripture, readers will gain a firm foothold on how they can realistically and positively react to these revelations in their lives. Ultimately, they'll find that whatever the future has in store, hope lies beyond this world; because no matter the end, the Lamb wins.

HOLY FIRE: A Balanced, Biblical Look at the Holy Spirit's Work in Our Lives – R.T. Kendall

The Holy Spirit: Greater than your theology, bigger than denominations, beyond all we can imagine, God s gift to the church and to you. Debate about the Holy Spirit has been around for a long time. In Holy Fire, best-selling author and respected theologian R T Kendall sets the record straight about the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives and in the life of the church. If you want to increase your knowledge of this most misunderstood member of the Trinity, or if you long to experience His presence in your life in a deeper way than ever before, this book is for you. Are you charismatic? He is bigger than your signs-and-wonders events. Are you Reformed? He will not be limited by your theology. As Jesus said of the Holy Spirit, He blows where He will.

HONOR'S REWARD: How to Attract God’s Favor and Blessing – John Bevere

In Honor’s Reward, bestselling author John Bevere unveils the power and truth of an often-overlooked principle - the spiritual law of honor. Bevere explains that understanding the vital role of this virtue will enable readers to attract blessing both now and for eternity.


Best-selling author and ministry leader Thom S. Rainer drew an exceptional response when he posted a 500-word declaration about church membership to his daily blog. "I Am a Church Member" started a conversation about the attitudes and responsibilities of church members – rather than the functional and theological issues – that previous new member primers all but ignored.

Thoughtfully expanded to book form, I Am a Church Member begins to remedy the outbreak of inactive or barely committed church members, addressing without apology what is expected of those who join a body of believers. When a person's attitude is consistently biblical and healthy, matters of giving, serving, and so forth will fall into place more naturally.

JESUS IS – Judah Smith

Judah Smith digs deep to answer the most common and the most difficult questions about Jesus, a man so few understand and so many desperately need. In Jesus Is, Judah Smith explores a number of topics that reveal Jesus purpose for coming, what he accomplished while he was here and what that means for those of us who came after. Jesus is greatly revered, harshly criticised and sorely misunderstood. Judah breaks down who Jesus is and explains to readers how understanding that more fully will not only enrich their lives but also give meaning to them and save them. Jesus Is gives readers the intimate knowledge that makes for a deeper, lasting relationship with Jesus, allowing them to commune with and grow in him. Judah wants readers to know that Jesus is more than a good teacher, more than an inspiring leader. He is the point of all life.

MIRACLE WORK - Jordan Seng

Really, the question isn’t how to get God to do miracles, as if he were a fussy giver, but how to grow in the miracle-working power that God makes readily available to us." In this world, God chooses to partner with us to get things done – even the supernatural things. He provides the miracle power, but we do the miracle work. And the work is both glorious and gritty. With good-humoured intellect, seasoned wisdom and eye-opening stories, Miracle Work explains how to develop in God’s supernatural power for healings, deliverances and prophecies and provides deeply practical guidance for how to go about doing them. More than that, it makes us understand why God has set things up in the way he has. We learn not just how to do supernatural ministries, but why we must become supernatural people.

SIMPLE CHURCH – Thom Rainer & Eric Geiger

The simple revolution is here. From the iPod design to Google's uncluttered homepage, simple ideas are changing the world. Simple Church guides Christians back to the simple gospel-sharing methods of Jesus. No bells or whistles required. Based on case studies of 400 American churches, Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger prove the disciple-making process is often too complex. Simple churches thrive by taking four ideas to heart: Clarity. Movement. Alignment. Focus. Simple Church examines each idea, clearly showing why it is time to simplify.

WHY NOT WOMEN?: A Fresh Look at Scripture on Women in Missions, Ministry and Leadership – Lauren Cunningham & David Joel Hamilton

The issue of women in missions, ministry and leadership is dividing homes, churches, communities, even societies. We must respond responsibly, for we never want to find ourselves working against God's purposes, quenching His Spirit at work in the lives of those He has called. We must respond carefully, since God's truth often stands in direct opposition to what the majority of people believe. Why Not Women? brings light, not just more heat, to the church's crucial debate with a detailed study of women in Scripture. It also includes an examination of the fruit of women in public ministry, an exploration of the value and roles of women in Greek and Roman history and literature, Jewish rabbinic literature, the early church, current cultures and the church today. Enjoy historical as well as current global perspectives, and a detailed study of women in Old Testament writings, Jesus' ministry, and Paul's letters.