Equip 1 - The Prayer Course

Posted Friday 5th May 2017

Over the course of this week, we are preview the five workshops being offered as part of Equip. The fifth and final of these is The Prayer Course with Darren & Pam Hudson.


Jesus made prayer a top priority … So prayer should be a priority for us Christians too. But it can be difficult, confusing and even boring … So we need help!

The Prayer Course is a simple, practical introduction to the foundations of prayer.  We’ll be following an enjoyable and effective 6 week course designed by 24-7 Prayer in collaboration with Alpha International and promoted by Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB). We’ll work through the Lord’s Prayer over 6 weeks and bust some myths about prayer.


This is a course for ordinary Christians who simply want to get better at talking to God and hearing His voice.  Whether you’re a new Christian or an established Christian, if you want to grow in your prayer life, then this course is for you.


  1. Purpose in Prayer: Adoration
  2. Power in Prayer: Petition
  3. Prevailing in Prayer: Intercession
  4. Perseverance in Prayer: Dealing with Disappointments
  5. Perspective in Prayer: Learning to Listen
  6. Partnership in Prayer: Spiritual Warfare

COURSE LEADERS: Darren & Pam Hudson

Each week we’ll start with a 15 minute video, followed by a discussion and then a time of prayer.  We’ll finish by discussing ways in which we can use what we have learned in the forthcoming week.

We also have the option of digging deeper into the topic, as time allows, with a 20 minute Bible study.

We’re happy to be flexible, depending on the particular individuals who are attending, with the aim of helping each of us to grow in our understanding of prayer, and hopefully leading to deeper prayer lives.


If you'd like to sign up for The Prayer Course, why not download and print a registration form here and bring it to church with you on Sunday. Thanks!