Equip 1 - Spiritual MOT

Posted Thursday 4th May 2017

Over the course of this week, we are preview the five workshops being offered as part of Equip. The fourth of these is Spiritual MOT with Anne Le Tissier.


It’s not uncommon to “hit a brick wall” in our journey of faith, to become stagnant in spiritual growth, to let regret or disappointment hinder our trust or response to God, and in turn, any forward momentum. We may feel parched, exhausted, let down, or plain ‘fed-up’, and yet we long for a safe place – an oasis in our spiritual desert – to help re-ignite our passion for Jesus and inspire us to press on, and fulfil all that we were created to be and do.

If that resonates with you, we are offering a ‘Spiritual MOT,’ one that will seek to:

  • Help us rediscover a love for knowing God through His Word and prayer; and in turn, engage with God’s love for us, that releases us to move on from such things as regret or disappointment.
  • Encourage us to rebuild our self-worth in Christ, to fulfil our potential in pursuing God’s gifts and call.
  • Equip us for our daily spiritual warfare and witness.

Each seminar will cover a different theme, but follow a similar pattern, including, teaching/testimony, questions to reflect on privately, group discussion, opportunity to pray alone or with one-other, plus handouts to encourage you back home.


This is for anyone, regardless of how long they’ve been a Christian believer, who recognise they have become distracted from, or else, discouraged about, living with and for Jesus. It’s for anyone who would appreciate a safe-place to take stock of where they are at, and who long to be re-inspired and encouraged to move on.


Seminar 1: Moving Beyond ‘I Ought To’ Bible-Reading

Inspiring us to revisit God’s ‘hand-book for life’, without which we can become vulnerable in faith, and insecure about life.

Seminar 2: Moving Beyond ‘The Prayer-List’

Looking at the things that hinder us from prayer, and inspiring us how to make it a daily reality.

Seminar 3: Moving Beyond Low Self-Esteem:

Jamie has recently preached a wonderful series on renewing our confidence; perhaps some of us need to engage with this further, to help us fulfil our God-given potential.

Seminar 4: God Who ‘Calls’ and ‘Equips’

God created us with natural talents, equips us with Spiritual gifts, and calls us to pursue His character and purpose; let’s give Him space to infuse meaning back into our lives.

Seminar 5: Moving Beyond Spiritual Defeat and Discouragement

Spiritual battle isn’t just for individuals anointed to exorcise demons or stand against world principalities and powers; it’s a daily reality for all of us, but are we aware and prepared to fight back?

Seminar 6: “Go!” Moving Beyond ‘I’m called to witness, but I don’t feel able’

Christ’s Great Commission is to ‘Go, and make disciples…’ (Matthew 28:19-20); how can we feel better equipped and what opportunities are available? 

COURSE LEADER: Anne Le Tissier


If you'd like to sign up for Spiritual MOT, why not download and print a registration form here and bring it to church with you on Sunday. Thanks!