Year of the NT Artwork FINAL copy.jpg

At theBarn, we have decided to devote 2018 to studying the New Testament.

It is so important to be strong in the Word. The Word must be our rock, our sword and our anchor. It is the truth that sets us free, daily bread to feed our souls and God’s intimate revelation of His love for us.

In an age when Bible stories are rarely taught in school, we thought it would be fantastic to intentionally strengthen biblical literacy throughout the church. We are going to encourage people to read the New Testament in a year. On Sundays, we are going to study certain New Testament books in detail, and in youth and children’s church they will be following a similar programme.

In essence, we are declaring 2018 ‘Year of the New Testament.’ We hope you’ll join us on the journey!

Click here to access our 2018 New Testament Bible Reading Plan