Connect Group Discussion Questions

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Help, I'm Stuck

Part 6: The Pit of Fear

Part 5: The Pit of Unforgiveness

Part 4: The Pit of Doubt

Part 3: The Pit of Negativity

Part 2: The Pit of Anxiety

Part 1: At the Bottom of a Pit


Part 4: Boldness

Part 3: Fullness

Part 2: Wholeness

Part 1: Why & In Whom?


Part 5: Messiah & Promise

Part 4: Law & Ceremony

Part 3: Exodus & Passover

Part 2: Abraham & Isaac

Part 1: Fall & Promise


Why Equipping?

Why Family?

Why Transforming?

Why Growing?

Why Spirit-Filled?

Why Alive?


The 10 Commandments of Social Media Use

Denying Selfie

Who's Following Whom?

Come Follow Me

What about Me?

Jesus & the Spirit

Consuming Fire

The Oil of Anointing

The Pneuma and the Ruach

Rivers of Living Water

The Dove on Your Shoulder



Every Spiritual Blessing

He Chose Me

The Spirit of Revelation, Hope & Power

From Death To Life

Peace At Last

God's Mysterious Plan Revealed

Power, Love & The Power Of Love

Living As Light

Filled With The Spirit

Spirit-Guided Relationships

Wearing Your Armour

Individual Messages

Urgency (1 Peter 4:7-11)

Love Actually (Dave Charlton)

Easter Sunday 2016

Breakthrough Culture 2016

Becoming a Person of Personal Influence in Your Home

Serving God

Part 1: Bearing Kingdom Fruit

Part 2: In The House & Out In The Fields

Walking With God

Part 1: How Close?

Part 2: Walking By Faith

Part 3: Walking In Love

Meeting With God

Part 1: Encounter

Part 2: Personality, Theology, Ecclesiology

Part 3: We Love Introverts And Extroverts