Current Sunday Series

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The Bible leaves certain pairs of principles, questions and divine attributes held in a kind of unresolved dramatic tension ... Almost like two sides of the same coin. It’s neither one nor the other; certainly not ‘either or.’ In fact, it’s usually ‘both and.’ It’s easy to lean too far one way and fall out of balance, in which case we can rather miss the point. Jesus in His teaching was great at provoking these tensions and the Pharisees often tried to push him off the edge!

Jesus, for example, embodied grace and truth. It can be really difficult for us to keep that balanced just right: tilted too far in the direction of grace and we risk falling into sin or compromising holiness; too much emphasis on truth, law and principle, and we risk becoming cold, unloving or judgmental. Is it grace or works? Which is important? Surely both? Should we always be at peace or should there be an internal holy dissatisfaction: I’m grateful for what I have, but know there must be more. Is it about the sovereignty of God or human freewill? We are encouraged to be separate from the world, but if we become too separate, how can we influence? Is New Testament Christianity about being safe or dangerous? What would the Apostle Paul have to say about that?

All of these issues are not problems to be resolved, but tensions to be managed. In this series, we will look at several such tensions and wrestle with them in pursuit of the right balance. Prepare to have your thinking stretched, but your theology enriched!