February Month of Prayer

February Prayer Month Twitter template (Rom 12v11-12).jpg

The BACKGROUND: Through this pandemic experience so far, we have, perhaps inevitably, been mostly reactive: the goalposts have, after all, kept moving! But for the month of February, we feel it’s time to be proactive; to take a stand, to move onto the front foot. Recognising that this is, at least in part, a spiritual battle, let us, with one voice, unleash the power of prayer – the comforting love, gracious blessing and powerful covenant promises of God, over our friends and family, over our church and over our nation – that the Lord of Glory might break through to save, heal and transform our land.

The WHAT: To saturate our church, this nation and its people with faith-filled, Spirit-led, promise-releasing prayers.

The HOW: By creating numerous and diverse prayer opportunities through the month, engaging as many as possible, and giving a variety of people and groups the chance to rise up, step out, have a voice and exercise their faith muscles.

The WIN: A church full of people praying their passions, such that faith is stirred, unity is promoted, the spiritual temperature rises and much powerful seed is sown.
Wouldn’t it be great if every single person, young and old, joined at least one activity in February?


  • Weekly & daily themes calendar (with weekly and early morning email / social media reminders)
  • Monday morning prayer zooms (7am) to set up the week
  • Tuesday Prayer Ministry Slots (with members of prayer ministry team)
  • Wednesday evening Connect Group prayer times
  • Thursday evening teaching (7.30pm) with Jamie (The Weapons of our Warfare: 1. The Double-Edged Sword, 2. The Name above All Names, 3. There is Power in the Blood, 4. Every Prayer a Powerful Weapon)
  • Friday evening worship hour (8pm) with a different worship leader each week
  • Sunday evening prayer Zoom with 4 different leaders
  • Different ministries and age-groups will hold their own prayer session
  • Optional Prayer Triples
  • Optional Daniel Fast (1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 3 week or full month options)


WEEK 1: Covid-19, lockdown, the NHS & the vaccination programme

Mon 1: Those infected & suffering with Covid-19

Tue 2: Comfort for those who’ve experienced bereavement

Wed 3: Those struggling with lockdown

Thu 4: Protection for friends & family

Fri 5: NHS for capacity, strategies & morale

Sat 6: Doctors/Nurses: Energy, skill, rest, encouragement

Sun 7: Rolling out the vaccination programme


WEEK 2: Schools & Education, Students & Leaders

Mon 8: Headteachers & management teams

Tue 9: Safety for all children & teachers

Wed 10: For teachers delivering on-site & online

Thu 11: That children’s education won’t overly suffer

Fri 12: For students in exam years

Sat 13: For universities, students & lecturers

Sun 14: For the Education Secretary


WEEK 3: Government, Business & the Economy

Mon 15: For the Prime Minister

Tue 16: For government’s scientific & medical advisors

Wed 17: For small businesses we know personally

Thu 18: For the overall economy of the UK

Fri 19: For devolved government: Wales, Scotland, Ireland

Sat 20: For Health Secretary & Chancellor of Exchequer

Sun 21: For the shops & economies in our towns


WEEK 4: The Church, Prodigals, Evangelism & doors opening as light shines at the end of the tunnel

Mon 22: For church pastors & leaders (ours & others)

Tue 23: For our Connect Group leaders & their groups

Wed 24: For our current Alpha Course online

Thu 25: For any we know who’ve drifted from faith

Fri 26: For our near friends & family interested in faith

Sat 27: For revival in our land & through the church

Sun 28: For a new dawn, a new day & fresh fruit