Prayer for Others

‘…pray for each other…’ James 5:16

We believe in a God of wisdom, peace, counsel, comfort, healing, love, forgiveness, and so much more, who longs to impart an increasing measure of Himself into our lives as we ask Him to in prayer.

As you pray, allow space for God to guide you in how to pray, waiting for any insight and discernment He may impart to your spirit, or any scriptures He may prompt you with to use in prayer on behalf of a person or situation.


Primarily at theBarn, we receive and pray for each other within our Connect Groups; smaller groups who meet together to learn more about God and the bible, to pray for each other as well as to have fun! 


We also have a Prayer Chain – a group of people committed to praying and interceding for situations shared. If you are part of theBarn family and would like to commit to this yourself, please email your interest to prayer(at) Similarly, if you would value prayer for yourself or your close family, please email the prayer chain and your request will be considered and possibly adapted, depending on the length and nature of personal details. Please note that we will only send around prayer requests where permission has been granted by the individuals concerned.


BarnGlobal is our means to pray for and support members of theBarn family who are serving as missionaries overseas. While this group of pray-ers are unable to meet face-to-face at the moment owing to coronavirus restrictions, they will still be in prayer. Please do remember these missionaries in prayer, and if you would like more information or to join in with the monthly prayer group, in whatever format that might take, please email Heather Potts on heather(at)


Please also continue to pray for the ministries and their leaders at theBarn who will value your prayers immensely.

We have been asked to pray for MIX specifically – our ministry and outreach to people with additional needs, their families, friends and carers. Ruth Shipman is inspired by the increased opportunities we have to reach these people, shut in their homes or care facilities.

Please pray primarily, that the online presence of MIX ministry remains rooted in God’s Will and His guidance. Please also be aware of these other suggestions for prayer:

  • For the content of online MIX and those presenting it
  • For the breadth of people reached: for home-based ‘Mixers’ and their carers, plus those living in care homes as well as their staff
  • For fears to subside as they encounter God’s love and care
  • For opportunities to reach into other care homes that we as yet have no relationship with


 You can also follow our input and updates on social media via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (all @theBarnBidford).