Bitesize Bible

Posted Monday 30th September 2019

Struggling to find good Bible reading resources for young people? Would you really love your kids to develop a regular, daily Bible reading habit?

We were and we would, and so we decided to do something about it!

From 1st October, at theBarn, we are going to produce a weekday Bible reading. It will be aimed at young people from 11-16, but, in reality, will be suitable, we hope, for all. It will feature a sequential Bible reading (a short passage of 5-10 verses or so ... we're starting in Mark chapter 1), a thought for the day, with a bitesize teaching nugget, a short practical challenge and closing prayer.

You can access it on Bitsesize Bible - theBarn Bidford YouTube Channel (we figured that's where most of our young people hang-out these days). We'd love you to join us as we work our way through the gospel of Mark, and please feel free to invite your friends and family to follow along to! The more the merrier ... let's 'spread the Word!'


Bitesize Bible