Sunday 2 August (theBarn goes to New Wine United Breaks Out)

Posted Friday 31st July 2020

This Sunday at theBarn is going to be a little different! As we’ve been announcing for a couple of weeks, we, along with all the churches across its network, have been invited to join New Wine United Breaks Out for their big Sunday morning event on 2nd August. This will be starting at the slightly later time of 11am.

To access that, one way is to subscribe to the New Wine YouTube channel, or you can access it straight from You will also find the New Wine Kids and Luminosity Youth feeds right there further down the page. I believe the actual YouTube link for the Sunday morning service is

The event has already started and runs for a few days. There is plenty of great material planned that you can watch live or catch up on later.

Also to confirm that we will be hosting our own Pre-Service Chat, as usual, but starting at 10.45 this week to tie in with the 11am kick-off. 

And our faithful team will be running a Live Stream Worship at 6pm on Saturday -

Hopefully that should give you all the information and links you need. Any questions, do please shout! Otherwise, have a great weekend and see you on Sunday at New Wine!