Video Sermons

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The Weapons of our Warfare

Part 4: Every Prayer a Powerful Weapon (Going live on Thursday Feb 25th)

Part 3: The Blood of the Lamb

Part 2: The Name above all Names

Part 1: The Double-Edged Sword


Part 6: Sincere Love

Part 5: The Holy Spirit

Part 4: Kindness

Part 3: Patience

Part 2: Understanding

Part 1: Purity

Jesus Lord of All

Part 1: Jesus the Messiah

Part 2: Jesus the Saviour

Part 3: Jesus the Healer

Part 4: Jesus the Redeemer

Part 5: Jesus is Lord

Faith Heroes

Part 1: You Want Me to Do What? (NOAH)

Part 2: Against All Odds (ABRAHAM)

Part 3: Clinging to the Dream (JOSEPH)

Part 4: Faith Choices or Fear Choices (MOSES)

Part 5: The Walls Came Tumbling Down (JOSHUA)

Part 6: Faith in the Storm (DAVID)

Part 7: Flourishing Faith (DANIEL)

Part 8: Energised Faith (PETER)