Video Sermons

All our services are now filmed and made available, as a replay, from 2pm on any given Sunday. To access our back catalogue of online services, please click here.

Below are some standalone video messages you may find valuable. If you would like to listen to the audio online, please visit the podcast tab.

The Weapons of our Warfare

Part 4: Every Prayer a Powerful Weapon

Part 3: The Blood of the Lamb

Part 2: The Name above all Names

Part 1: The Double-Edged Sword


Part 6: Sincere Love

Part 5: The Holy Spirit

Part 4: Kindness

Part 3: Patience

Part 2: Understanding

Part 1: Purity

Jesus Lord of All

Part 1: Jesus the Messiah

Part 2: Jesus the Saviour

Part 3: Jesus the Healer

Part 4: Jesus the Redeemer

Part 5: Jesus is Lord

Faith Heroes

Part 1: You Want Me to Do What? (NOAH)

Part 2: Against All Odds (ABRAHAM)

Part 3: Clinging to the Dream (JOSEPH)

Part 4: Faith Choices or Fear Choices (MOSES)

Part 5: The Walls Came Tumbling Down (JOSHUA)

Part 6: Faith in the Storm (DAVID)

Part 7: Flourishing Faith (DANIEL)

Part 8: Energised Faith (PETER)