Our Mission

Mission asks the questions, What are we here for? Why did God call us and what has He specifically asked us to do?

Our mission statement gives us our PURPOSE: This is what God wants us to do. Our PROCESS: This is how we’re going to do it. And our MISSION: This is what we’re going to help others to do.

theBarn MISSION STATEMENT: “Meeting with God. Walking with God. Serving God.”

  • MEETING WITH GOD centres on our Sunday services and is about the personal revelation, spiritual refreshing and recharging we need to empower our Christian life.
  • WALKING WITH GOD is reflected in our relationship with Him through the week: learning, growing, connecting.
  • SERVING GOD and bearing fruit are our ultimate purpose: our commission, our compassion, our commitment.

All this is centred on our ongoing relationship with the Lord. MEETING WITH GOD is personal and intimate, and takes place as we encounter God’s presence and power together. WALKING WITH GOD is both personal and corporate as we journey with the Lord in devotion, in prayer and in connect groups. SERVING GOD is the outworking of all that He has deposited in us as we take His love to the world in diverse ways.

MEETING WITH GOD takes us deeper in our experience. WALKING WITH GOD makes us stronger in our relationship(s). SERVING GOD opens us wider in our influence.