Our Vision

Mission asks, what are you called to do as God sends you out. Vision asks what do you see? Not so much what can you see in front of you right now, but as you look to the future, dream God-dreams and picture what could be, if God be in it, what do you see? So, our vision statement paints a picture of what our church could look like, one day, if God the Father be placed right at the centre, if the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ be preached boldly and uncompromisingly, and if His Spirit be given the freedom to stir, inspire, transform and revive.

So, the church that we SEE looks like this:

  • The church we see is ALIVE: vibrant, welcoming, joyful and fun; our services are bright, positive and celebratory.
  • The church we see is SPIRIT-FILLED: passionate in worship, where His presence is tangible, where the gifts of the Holy Spirit are in operation, where those in need receive personal ministry, and where services are not religious rituals but encounters with God.
  • The church we see is GROWING: attractive to seekers, welcoming to guests, reaching out to the ostracised and the hurting, has multiple arms extending into our communities, and then challenges people to respond to the gospel such that confessions of salvation, baptisms and changed lives are the norm.
  • The church we see is TRANSFORMING: where broken lives, relationships and families are restored; where dead religion is replaced by dynamic relationship, unbelief by faith, hopelessness by joy, where sick people become healthy, the broken become whole, and new Christians become fully devoted followers of Jesus.
  • The church we see is a FAMILY: we started as a family and will continue to be a family. Our program will include large, weekly, communal meetings, but also small gatherings in people‚Äôs homes, where authentic friendship, honesty, trust, mutual support and accountability are cultivated.
  • The church we see is EQUIPPING: maturing people in their faith, encouraging them in their gifts, developing them in their leadership, and releasing them to be everything they can be for the Lord.