Connect Group Discussion Questions

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Are You Ready for More?

Part 4: The Fear of the Lord

Part 3: Radically Responsive

Part 2: Positively Positive & Always Fill of Grace

Part 1: We All Want More - How are we going to get it?

21st Century Wisdom

Part 5: Trusting in the Lord is the Anchor

Part 4: The Word of God is the Filter

Part 3: Fear of the Lord is the Foundation

Part 2: Wisdom from Above

Part 1: Wisdom Sees Through God's Eyes


Part 10: Chapter 6:1-10 (Reaping What You Sow)

Part 9: Chapter 5:16-25 (Walking in the Spirit)

Part 8: Chapter 5:1-15 (What Does It Mean To Be Free?)

Part 7: Chapter 4:21-31 (Sarah or Hagar?)

Part 6: Chapter 3:26 - 4:7 (Sons & Heirs)

Part 4: Chapter 3:1-14 (Spirit, Faith & Blessing)

Part 3: Chapter 2:15-21 (Justified by Faith, Living by Grace)

Part 2: Chapter 2:1-14 (Circumcision, Freedom & Unity)

Part 1: Chapter 1 (In Defence of the True Gospel)


Part 7: Judgmental

Part 6: Unoffendability

Part 5: Insecurity (No Notes)

Part 4: Carnality

Part 3: Self-Reliance (No Notes)

Part 2: Anxiety

Part 1: The Frustration

Clothed with Power

Part 10: Gifts 5 (Healing in the House)

Part 9: Gifts 4 (Power Gifts)

Part 8: Gifts 3 (Revelation Gifts)

Part 7: Gifts 2 (Tongues)

Part 6: Gifts 1 (Prophecy)

Part 5: Power in His Presence

Part 4: Hearing the Spirit's Voice

Part 3: The Paraclete

Part 2: Jesus & The Spirit

Part 1: Enduo Dunamis

Crisis, What Crisis?

Part 5: What are You Doing with What You've Got?

Part 4: To Tithe or Not to Tithe, That is the Question

Part 3: The Principle of the First

Part 2: Pillars of Biblical Stewardship

Part 1: My Way, Their Way or God's Way?


Part 11 (4:2-18) - Full of Grace & Seasoned with Salt

Part 10 (3:18-4:1) - Spiritually Mature Relationships

Part 9 (3:16) - Let the Word of Christ Dwell in you Richly

Part 8 (3:15) - Let the Peace of Christ Rule

Part 7 (3:12-14) - A New Set of Clothes

Part 6 (3:1-11) - Things Above

Part 5 (2:6-23) - Freedom in Christ

Part 4 (1:24-2:5) - Revealing the Mystery

Part 3 (1:15-23) - Paul's Defence of Jesus

Part 2 (1:9-14) - Paul's Prayer

Part 1 (1:1-8) - Transformed by the Gospel of Grace

Beyond 20/20 Vision

Part 9: All In

Part 8: Equipping

Part 7: Family

Part 6: Transforming

Part 5: Growing

Part 4: Spirit-Filled

Part 3: Alive

Part 2: What Do We See?

Part 1: What Do You See?

Single Messages

Elijah & The Widow of Zarephath

Resolve 2022


Unpicking the Pandemic Thief's Pocket

Part 5: Who Now Can I Trust?

Part 4: What's My Purpose?

Part 3: What Happened to My Faith?

Part 2: Who Am I?

Part 1: Resistance Day

Dangerous Prayers

Part 7: Send Revival

Part 6: Lord Bless Me

Part 4: Lord Use Me

Part 3: Lord Fill Me

Part 2: Lord Change Me

Part 1: Not My Will, But Yours


Thank You, Lord, for saving me. For the mercy of the Cross, the miracle of the resurrection + the power of Your blood.

Thank You that I have been saved by grace alone, through faith alone + in Christ alone. That I am justified, made righteous + declared blessed.  That there is now no shadow of guilt, shame or condemnation. That I am free to live in the fulness of Your Spirit, standing on Your amazing promises + drawing on Your enabling grace.

I declare that, just as I have been saved by faith, I will live by faith. I will put my trust in you, not me. In Your Word, not mine. In Your wisdom, not the world’s. In Your grace, not my own strength.

I declare that, just as I have been saved by the power of the Gospel, I will endeavour to grow by the power of the Gospel. I give up trying to better myself + instead choose to cooperate with the transforming power of the Holy Spirit as He walks with me, convicts me + leads me to towards wholeness, goodness, truth + freedom.

I declare that I am dead to the curse of the law + alive to the power of Christ. I give up relying on me. I let go of that list of rules. I stop trying to earn blessing + instead choose to become a blessing. Not seeking the best I can do, but pressing into all You can do in me + through me.

For all this, I give You the praise and glory due to Your great name, Amen