What We Believe

  • that Jesus Christ is the answer: the solution to all our problems.
  • that God loves everyone, values everyone and wants to have a restored relationship with everyone.
  • that salvation is the gift of God to man and is freely available to all who make Him their Saviour and Lord.
  • that eventually all sin will have to be judged, and that, like it or not, Heaven and Hell are real, literal places.
  • that the Bible is God’s inspired Word to us, full of wisdom, instruction and truth.
  • that the power of God can change us from the inside out, heal our hurts, restore our relationships, pick us up, dust us down and put us back on the path to wholeness.
  • that the power of God is still displayed today, that miracles do happen, that Jesus still heals the sick, releases the captives and binds up the broken-hearted.