theBarn is a safeguarding church. The safety and well-being of all our people is a top priority, especially children, young people and adults at risk.

To that end, we have a full and thorough safeguarding policy which comes in two documents. Both can be downloaded here. The first is entitled Policy & Procedure and the second is Best Practice Guidelines. Our Trustees, Mix, Youth and Children's Ministry Leaders are trained to Level 3. Where possible, all other volunteers in key positions will receive training at least to Level 2. 

All volunteers are DBS checked before they are allowed to work with our young people and we will expect to get to known those volunteers properly before they take up their posts.

Our hope and prayer is that we will not find ourselves facing any significant safeguarding issues. If, for any reason, you have any concerns, the following people are the key contacts. If in doubt, please talk to Adam or Louise, who are our the Designated Persons for Safeguarding. The Children's and Youth Ministry Leaders are also available if you have any concerns. Please know that any conversations and concerns will be carefully handled in line with our safeguarding policy.

Safeguarding Officers

Designated Persons for Safeguarding: Adam & Louise Perry

 Adam Perry Portrait.jpg

Louise Perry Portrait.jpg

Trustee with Safeguarding Oversight: Simon Meek

Simon Portrait 2.jpg

Mix Team Leader: Ruth Shipman

 Ruth Shipman Portrait.jpg

Youth & Families Pastor: Emma King


Key Stage 1 & 2 Kids Pastor: Jenny Gilham

 Jenny G.png

Pre-School & Families Pastor: Claire Griffiths

Claire Griffiths Portrait.jpg