Sunday morning kids

We have 4 rooms for our children to have fun and to meet with Jesus on a Sunday morning. They are thePod, theLaunchpad, theBasecamp and theSummit.

We all start together in the main celebration before going to the different groups after the announcement.

Our children’s rooms are full of worship, stories, games, activities, laughter and prayer; where the children can meet with Jesus, go further on their walk with Jesus and learn to serve Him. 


This is for our babies (0-18 months approx.)


This is for our pre-school age children (18 months-4)


This is for our Key Stage 1 age children (4-7) 


This is for our Key Stage 2 age children (8-11’s)


Special Events


This is for the children in theSummit and meets on the fourth Sunday of each month from 4.30 to 6.00pm. We start off by chilling out with various game and activities - the 'Wii' is always popular. Then we sit down over a slice of toast and cup of hot chocolate (with toppings!) and listen to a talk of some description. It's a great time to make friends, learn and have fun.



Claire Griffiths
Pre-School Pastor
t. 01789 772 615
Steve King
Acting Children's Pastor
t. 01789 772 615