Message Handouts

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Chainless & Fearless

Part 6: Paralysis by Analysis

Part 5: Dampened by Disappointment

Part 4: Ruled by Rejection

Part 3: Hiding Like a Hedgehog

Part 2: Squished by Stress

Part 1: Crushed by Comparison


Part 4: Losing is Winning

Part 3: Slower is Faster

Part 2: Lower is Higher

Part 1: Less is More

The Prayer Walk

Part 7: Here I am, Send Me

Part 6: Prayer that Moves Mountains 2

Part 5: Prayer that Moves Mountains 1

Part 4: Not All Prayer is Created Equal

Part 3: Who's Driving? (cont)

Part 2: Who's Driving?

Part 1: When & Where Do Matter

Kingdom Culture

Part 7: Fear of the Lord

Part 6: The Spirit of Faith

Part 5: Radically Responsive

Part 4: Naturally Supernatural

Part 3: Positively Positive

Message Recommendation: Escaping the Pit of Negativity

Part 2: Always Full of Grace

Part 1: The Greenhouse Effect

Streams of Living Water

Part 6: Saturating Prayer

Part 5: Pastoral Care - All, Many, Few

Part 4: Opening the Floodgates of Worship

Part 3: Wholesome & Helpful Communications

Part 2: Financial Stewardship & Generosity ... Click here to watch the J John 'Doughnuts' clip

Part 1: Preaching & Teaching

First John

Chapter 4 Part 2: Walking in Love

Chapter 4: Greater is He

Chapter 3: For This Purpose

Chapter 2: Walking in Victory

Chapter 1: Walking in the Light

First Peter

Chapter 5: This is How We Fight our Battles

Chapter 3 Part 2: The Kingdom Way

Chapter 3: God Looks at the Heart

Chapter 2: Living Stones in God's House

Chapter 1: More & More Grace & Peace

It is Well with My Soul

Part 4: Agnosticism

Part 3: Anger

Part 2: Apathy

Part 1: Anxiety