Booking No Longer Required

Posted Friday 8th October 2021

Following a review of our Covid procedures, here is the new plan for Sunday services at theBarn, effective immediately.

We will no longer be requiring people to book ahead of time for our Sunday services.

  • That means chairs will be set out in 'old-school' rows and you are welcome to sit where you'd like.
  • We are aware that some people would still prefer to keep a little extra space around them. To that end, we will be offering laminated seat signs, which you can pick up at the door, that just politely ask people to keep the seat next to you free. That should save any awkward conversations!

We will, however, be keeping 'Zone C,' the area at the back by the main side entrance, for people who still wish to wear a mask and maintain a social distance. Please leave these seats, which will be clearly labelled, free for anyone in that category.

We will not be asking people to wear masks around the church building, unless, of course, they wish to.

  • All we would ask, please, if for you to respect others' feelings. Can we suggest that if you're talking to someone who is wearing a mask to wear one yourself too as a courtesy? As ever, we want everyone to feel as comfortable and safe as they can, so nothing unnecessarily impedes their ability to mingle, worship and meet with the Lord.

We no longer have a track and trace requirement as such. All we'd ask, please, is that if you do record a positive Covid test result in the day or two after attending church, you inform, as a courtesy, anyone with whom you think you may have been in close contact. Similarly, if your children test positive having been in the kids/youth groups that week, please notify either Claire, Faith or Mary, as appropriate.

The service will continue to be recorded and then available in full, as a replay, from 2pm n that Sunday afternoon. Here is the link to follow for that.

I hope that explains the procedures clearly enough. If you have any questions, please do ask. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!