Plans for Sunday 26th September

Posted Friday 24th September 2021

It was great to see so many people in theBarn last Sunday morning. The house of God should definitely be a lively, buzzing and purposeful place! This week, we’re on part 4 of ‘Dangerous Prayers.’ We also have our monthly prayer meeting IF at 6.30pm.

Here are the details you’ll need:

  • Please book in the usual way (booking(at), preferably by Friday evening, specifying your zone of choice. If you have booked in and then can’t make it on the day, we’d be grateful if you could email to let booking know, please, so we can fill the vacant space.
  • Here are the zones: Zone A will be up front and central, for anyone who doesn’t want to wear a mask and doesn’t mind if their neighbours also do not. Zone B will be on either side and further back in the middle. This is for people who think they may want to wear a mask while in their seats or to put it on while they’re singing. Zone C will be for people who would prefer to wear a mask throughout and will be at the back on the side of the main entrance.
  • Kids, youth and pre-school groups will all be taking place as usual. The kids will again leave after the praise set; the youth after the worship set that follows the announcements.
  • Coffee will again be served in a Covid-safe manner after the service and prayer ministry will be available during the response time. This will again take place at the back, where the music volume is lower. Please discuss with the person praying for you whether you’d like masks to be worn or not.
  • An online video replay of the service will again be available on the church website from 2pm. To watch that, please visit The message is also available as a podcast: you can find that on the church website or on iTunes.

 Any questions, please shout, and hopefully see you on Sunday!